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About Us

Miss Mantra was created in 2016, a love and inspiration of all things bohemian and unique! A vision to make people feel bold about expressing their passions and living their dreams! We have a variety of accessories, from mandala tapestries, jewellery of all kinds, handbags, leather goods, goat milk skincare products, shwe-shwe picnic blankets and 100% merino wool throws.

Supporting  artisans

Miss Mantra works with artisans and producers to promote sustainability and assist with poverty alleviation, all while looking for the most renewable and sustainable materials where and whenever possible. Our local and imported products focus mostly on handmade and crafts, assisting artisans move from a position of vulnerability to a position of self-sufficiency, all while providing our customers with unique quality and products. 

Ethical Partners

Miss Mantra is constantly searching to include partners in our supply chain that ensure ethical working conditions at every level including child labor policies to assist in the prevention of exploitation. 

" Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want " 

- Anne Lappe




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